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Chilling with a Passenger

Have you ever thought of some crazy idea and come to the simple conclution "why the fuck not"?

If you have, you know it's an amazing feeling to pull something like that through and not just sticking to the idea-stage, even though it might not go as planned.

Since I had little to do, a new camera to break in and some bias in music taste, I hooked up with Sony early afternoon this Thursday and had some epic moments the very same evening together with Mike Rosenberg (aka. Passenger), accompanying crew and Nina, an awfully nice Sony Music representative.

Having my new X-T1 to still use for something 'real' work-wise, I brought it along with my 23 and 35mm lenses. Still lacking on the tele front, working through a really engaged fanbase was no real trouble.

After a very successful, intimate and overall wonderful show, I wanted to grab a quick portrait. This, however, was a bit of a pickle since they all were headed to Berns right afterwards. So instead of telling me that it couldn't be arranged, they simply asked if I'd like to come and join them at the hotel. What?

Passenger is scheduled for another show in Sweden on October 12th, and hopefully we'll be able to arrange something special photo-wise. Either way I'm gonna be there.

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