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WEEK | 34

School's up. In the old locales of Swedish Railways (or as the Swedes know it - SJ), I'll learn the do's and don'ts of digital strategy for a year at Nackademin. I'm still trying to get the job application going, but I wouldn't bet on anything considering the odds and practicalities. Should it work out, it would most certainly be awesome. Still, this is the best "Plan B" I could ever dream of.

Now, let's go do some digital strategic stuff.
Pic through the Sony Xperia Z2

  • WEEK | 33

    I'll be doing these entries a bit different now (read: a bit less to read and enjoy), as there are many things to prepare and tend to. A fun thing worth mentioning was that I suddenly grew tired of my iPhone 5S, and decided to swap it. I didn't know for…

    WEEK | 35

    Fall is.. . falling upon us. Yeah, that didn't work out. Not at all. Still, fall is coming, which means nice sunsets on the way home, slightly colder mornings and a plethora of "Winter is coming"-memes on Facebook. Not yet, but they're coming soon. Very