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WEEK | 36 #2

Now, I rushed myself there in the latest entry. Everything went as usual for the rest of the week, except for one thing. Oskar at Spontano asked me if I could pitch in at Stockholm Tech Fest, a really neat event at Stockholm Waterfront. This full-day conference was spent with the Fuji X-T1 and tons of mints to counter the (very) poor coffee, handed to us by Absolut Vodka. How about we just leave them to run their booze-division and leave the beans out of this?

After a full day of pitching and taking pictures, I got the chance to attend the panel about the "Future of Ads" panel. Here, start-ups demonstrated their innovative and very effective means of getting job done, regardless if it meant analyzing eye movement patterns or just creating very flexible banners with little-to-no work.

  • WEEK | 36 #1

    This is Boss. He's a french bulldog. Maybe you've seen him sometime. Either way, he's really super cute! Now, stuff has happened. For one thing, school's coming up nicely, and I'm getting to know tons of great people! I've also had some nice lunches with…