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WEEK | 36 #1

This is Boss. He's a french bulldog. Maybe you've seen him sometime.
Either way, he's really super cute!

Now, stuff has happened. For one thing, school's coming up nicely, and I'm getting to know tons of great people! I've also had some nice lunches with great people, and also actually done some real shooting with something that isn't my phone.

One more time, here's Boss!

Anyway, Spotify Sessions are up and running again! Little Jinder was kind enough to visit this past Friday, and I got to hang around. I had a great time, and it was really nice to be back at the Spotify HQ!

School has, as previously mentioned, been really nice. We spent a whole afternoon at Gärdet just having fun, and have also had a series of lectures and workshops to get us up and running as soon as possible with the rest of the class.

Pics are a mixture of Fuji X-T1 and Z2 photos, all edited in VSCO Cam for Android

  • WEEK | 35

    Fall is.. . falling upon us. Yeah, that didn't work out. Not at all. Still, fall is coming, which means nice sunsets on the way home, slightly colder mornings and a plethora of "Winter is coming"-memes on Facebook. Not yet, but they're coming soon. Very

    WEEK | 36 #2

    Now, I rushed myself there in the latest entry. Everything went as usual for the rest of the week, except for one thing. Oskar at Spontano asked me if I could pitch in at Stockholm Tech Fest, a really neat event at Stockholm Waterfront. This full-day…