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WEEK | 32

The big feature of the week was easily Dans Dakar, a one-day festival in the very centre of Stockholm. Featuring headliners such as Skrillex, Die Antwoord, Zedd and Kygo, this was a really sweet thing to participate in. With artists spread across three stages, the island of Riddarholmen had its 1400's theme interrupted by some crazy kids wanting the bass to drop real hard.

Working with Yamandu from 'DOM KALLAR OSS DJs', we roamed around the area with flashy Premium-bands (which, in fact, came in handy for the late headliners) and a more simple press accreditation, allowing me to carry pro gear in the area. This didn't grant me any special access that any ordinary visitor had though, which was slightly limiting.

The place was packed with photographers as well. Wherever you'd look, you would see at least one person carrying heavy gear, preferrably with AAA-badges on top of that. Crazy.

Whilst there was some disappointment here and there, it was a really solid festival. The weather did wonders, too. So - next year, we do this with a AAA-pass? Aight?

  • WEEK | 31

    Being a relatively slow week, this is what I would call "vacation". Apart from travelling to the countryside, I've been training with the X-T1, making sure I know what it likes. Cameras all have their own different sweet spots.

    WEEK | 33

    I'll be doing these entries a bit different now (read: a bit less to read and enjoy), as there are many things to prepare and tend to. A fun thing worth mentioning was that I suddenly grew tired of my iPhone 5S, and decided to swap it. I didn't know for…