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WEEK | 33

I'll be doing these entries a bit different now (read: a bit less to read and enjoy), as there are many things to prepare and tend to. A fun thing worth mentioning was that I suddenly grew tired of my iPhone 5S, and decided to swap it. I didn't know for what, but I just put an ad up, telling people to send me suggestions. It didn't take long until I found the replacement.

Everything came down to comfort. As a previous owner of the Sony Xperia Z, I knew their phones were of great quality, albeit slightly lacking screen-wise. Now, with the Xperia Z2 (two whole generations later), the problems have been sorted and an incredible camera has been added on top.

So, how do I like it?

First impressions - awesome. It's snappy, but a whole lot bigger than my 5S. I'll just have to get used to not having a really tiny phone, but with the Sony Smartband (included, awesome!) and a nice dock, it's a real pleasure to use. Oh, and the pictures in this entry were all from the phone.

Next week - time for school!

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    WEEK | 34

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